Home News GeoWrap: Hexagon to acquire Luciad; ISRO to help Indian Railways and more

GeoWrap: Hexagon to acquire Luciad; ISRO to help Indian Railways and more

Hexagon announces to acquire Luciad

Sweden: Leading information technology (IT) company in geospatial and industrial enterprise applications, Hexagon AB has announced to acquire Luciad, a Belgium-based software company specializing in the visualization and analysis of real-time geospatial information. Luciad’s visualization technologies support live connections to dynamic sensor feeds in a 3D environment. The result is a 5D digital reality – real-time, rapid fusion of multi-source content and the ability…(Read More)

ISRO to help Indian Railways avert train accidents

India: In a major decision taken by the Indian Railways Minister Piyush Goyal, ISRO to help Indian Railways prevent train accidents. To avert accidents, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will lay out a comprehensive system, wherein satellite images of all tracks can be checked in real-time for ensuring that they are in the correct order. Using real time tracking of trains running on different routes, Railways will be able to check that no two trains…(Read More)

DJI launched a privacy mode to fly drones offline

US: In the wake of the US army discontinuing the use of DJI drones due to cybersecurity reasons, DJI has launched a new privacy mode that allows operators to fly completely offline. The company says its goal is to provide “enhanced data privacy assurances for sensitive government and enterprise customers.” The new mode is called, which is called Local Data Mode, was initially announced in August. The mode stops all to and fro internet traffic from the DJI Pilot app…(Read More)

Apple Map vehicles to tour Scotland and Wales this month

UK: Apple Map vehicles will tour across the highlands of Scotland and farms of Wales to collect data at the street level. Vehicles will initially roam at Fort William, Scotland and Bridgend Country Borough, Wales. It is expected that vehicles will start roaming between October 9th and October 22nd, and the exercise will continue till November 5th. Apple hasn’t revealed the exact reason for collection of map data. The technology company said that it wants to “collect data which will…(Read More)

Vexcel Imaging unveils the latest UltraCam Eagle Mark 3

Germany: Vexcel Imaging unveiled the latest model of its widely used UltraCam digital aerial camera systems, the UltraCam Eagle Mark 3, at INTERGEO 2017, Berlin. The new camera features 26,460 pixels across the flight strip and 17,004 pixels in flight direction, summing up to 449 mega pixel per image. Building on the highly versatile UltraCam Eagle Mark 2 system, the Mark 3 also offers a user-exchangeable lens system and the ability to capture 10 cm GSD at altitudes ranging…(Read More)

Insitu demonstrates revolutionary UAV integrated with GIS for fighting wildfires

US: Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing, in association of Esri has completed test flights on a new way that could support firefighting efforts using state-of-the-art software for firefighters and first responders. The flights were held at the Warm Springs, Oregon, FAA UAS Test Range, a member of the Pan Pacific FAA UAS Test Site for commercial UAS testing. The national FAA test site program facilitates the UAS industry in meeting strict customer needs and qualifications…(Read More)


60 years of Sputnik: How it transformed the global space industry

There are historical breakthroughs that drastically transform the world we live in, unfolding a new leaf in the annals of glorious achievements of human civilization, and ushering us into a new epoch, the one characterized by pioneering changes, soaring aspirations, invigorated resolve and an unprecedented development that exults, motivates, fills us with awe and heralds groundbreaking future developments. October 4, 1957, exactly 60 years ago, was one such moment…(Read More)

Interactive map from NOAA shows Puerto Rico in shambles after Hurricane Maria

In the aftermath of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published an interactive map based on the high-definition aerial images captured from locations that were affected by the storms. A major part of this map shows the coastal areas of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, where it created major damage. The map is created to determine the extent of damage inflicted by storms and flooding…(Read more)