Emerging Role of Geospatial ESG to Protect the Natural World

ESG is a term coined by businesses and finance institutions to consider the environmental, social, and governance impacts of their investments. Now, a new geospatially driven approach is changing how businesses worldwide are assessed on their impact to the natural world. By David J. Patterson

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Connecting Two Worlds

The general trend of automation in the evolution of human technology has allowed us to do away with the repetitive tasks that humans were forced to perform…

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The Beginning of a New Globalization

Globalization, as we knew it — until the pandemic — was asymmetric. Capital was able to move almost seamlessly, while workers were generally corralled in the countries where they lived…

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SmallSats and the Democratization of Space

In the last few years, we have witnessed the launch of lots of small satellites with different sensors. This has led to data proliferation, which in turn has presented the opportunity for extracting more value from Space.

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The ‘Why’ of Geospatial Innovation

When we examine trends in innovation, geospatial technology that leverages artificial intelligence, autonomous robots and augmented reality catches most of our collective attention. But widen the lens to the impact of the work we do, and the heart of the ‘why’ becomes vivid — people.

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Innovation to Impact

Innovation is probably the most trending word of the modern era, though it has been part and parcel of human evolution forever…

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Creating Impact: Innovation in the Space Economy

The Space economy is accelerating and diversifying as a wide range of entrepreneurs, backed by government and private investment, bring new ideas into the market. By Kevin M. O’Connell