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Minerva's INSPIRE Geology Layer by WeTransform.

INSPIRE goes global

Canadian company Minerva Intelligence Inc applies auditable and explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) now to complex geoscience problems in the spirit of EU directive INSPIRE....

Role of sustainable building through MEP design: All that you need...

With arising awareness about climate changes and the construction industry to adhere to the reduce-reuse-recycle policy applied into materials and equipment in a project...
geospatial analytics for business

How geospatial analytics can give your business a competitive edge

Can you imagine life without GPS? Remember buying a paper map to figure out the route from one place to another? Well,...
Amazon rainforest fire

Satellite images show devastating Amazon rainforest fire

The ‘Lungs of the Earth’ are on fire. The Amazon rainforest, which produces 20% of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere and...
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Geospatial and 5G

Geospatial and 5G rollout: Why they are critical for each other

5G — the next generation of mobile internet connectivity — is the next buzzword. 5G will accelerate the move towards digital as a transformative...

NewSpace ecosystem propelling Earth Observation industry

Improvements in launch systems and innovations such as the use of commercial-off-the-shelf technology for space applications are driving down costs, while a diverse range...

Significance of land rights for empowerment

Land rights have direct bearing on the incomes of marginalized individuals and communities, and the potential to transform their living conditions by breaking the...
earth observation policies

Earth Observation Policies – What is the Way Forward

Satellite earth observation is a global enterprise right from the days of Landsat. However, with rapid privatization of the industry, there are conflicts between...

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