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Do you know how many types of LiDAR are there?

LiDAR has various applications in surveying, sensors, drones and laser scanning. So people are fairly acquainted with this technology, which is among the major...
LiDAR - eyes of autonomous vehicle

Why LiDAR is important for autonomous vehicle?

LiDAR acts as an eye of the self-driving vehicles providing them a 360-degree view. Let’s have a look what is the importance of LiDAR...
Satellogic launch satellites

Successful launch of Satellogic’s ‘Marie and Sophie’ satellites

In their own words, Satellogic is building ‘the first scalable earth observation platform with the ability to remap the entire planet at both high-frequency...

What is a geospatial infrastructure and why is it important?

There has been more and more talk these days regarding a geospatial infrastructure, and some progressive governments and agencies are beginning to look at...

An overview of Digital Construction in India

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) is the second largest industry in India and one of the key...

Do you know why the Earth wobbles?

In elementary school science lessons we all learned the axiomatic truth that Earth rotates on its axis and these rotations cause the vast difference...

Use of LiDAR in disaster response

LiDAR can be used to generate detailed maps of topography and retrieve digital elevation data. Use of LiDAR in disaster response is...

Future of data in a fast-changing digital landscape

With data being the ‘new oil’ and the debates on privacy occupying the center stage of social...
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5G for future cities

5G and geospatial will together power future cities

As the world gets smarter and more connected, 5G and geospatial will together be powering cities of the future. Half of the world’s population lives...
BIM for Rohingya rehabilitation

How BIM helped in Rohingya rehabilitation

UNHCR was racing against time to build a settlement camp for refugees in Bangladesh when the Rohingya crisis blew up. The team had to...

Satellites for conflict zone monitoring

Syria, or the Syrian Arab Republic, has witnessed unspeakable devastation in the last decade. Its refugee crisis, next only to World War II, has...

Data access, usability must for sound decision-making

Technological developments of the last few years are opening up exciting opportunities in that respect, feel Stefano Toscano & Oliver Cottray from the Geneva...

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