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New report calls for redefined policy-making with technology focus for sustainability

Sustainability is not just a buzzword anymore. It embodies the collective aspirations of the world and is a clarion call for the need to...

Why it’s important to be savvy about your location data

Did you know that Google knows everywhere you go? Not exactly the horror sequel to “I Know What You Did Last Summer” we expected,...

What are various GNSS systems?

Checking out a new coffee house in the town or exploring your dream travel destination like a local is not a big thing now....

How geospatial imaging can help solar developers

Solar development is an incredibly fast-growing industry. The solar industry has seen 50% growth year-over-year during the last decade, with an extraordinary number of...

How are digital technologies influencing geospatial technology trends?

Geospatial technology trends -- the cross linkages of geospatial and digital technologies, and how it rides on other platforms to produce knowledge or deliver...
six technologies crucial for smart cities

Six technologies crucial for smart cities

Smart cities are cites where everything is connected to each other and this is highly depended on technologies. So let’s have a look at...
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digital engineering is transforming construction industry

How digital engineering is transforming construction industry

Digital technologies have transformed entire industries in the last decade, impacting lives on both personal and professional fronts. Companies have had to reinvent themselves...

Book Review: The secret to smart governance

When we talk about a smart city or smart governance, the word ‘smart’ has connotations of the use of the latest technology and innovation....
GIS in crime

Role of GIS and emerging technologies in crime detection and prevention

Incorporation of GIS and other emerging technologies in crime investigation and tracking is making law enforcement agencies more agile and efficient. We all have seen...
Smart design

Driving smart designs and better construction

Woolpert President and CEO Scott Cattran explains how sophisticated geospatial controls, data collection and processing can lead to better construction methods. CAD and GIS can...

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