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Google's Trusted Contacts App.

Google’s Trusted Contacts is now iOS compatible

Locating their loved ones just got easier for iPhone users. Google’s Trusted Contacts app, which enables users to locate their loved ones, even when...
Drones for offshore oil and gas operations

Can drones power offshore oil and gas operations?

Advancements in drone technology are increasing its applications too. One sector that can deploy this technology proactively is oil and gas. Drones can make...

Google adds SOS Alerts in Search and Maps result

Google will start putting out emergency information about natural disasters, terrorism and other crises under its SOS Alerts service. The service will be broadcast...
commercial remote sensing satellite

Will it soon be easier to operate a commercial remote sensing...

The US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology recently approved the American Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act of 2017. The Act...

Planet launches rapid response team to aid post-disaster emergency relief

The use of satellite imagery for disaster response – rescue ops, rehabilitation and monitoring the after effects – is well established. It is also...

INTERGEO – bridge to a digital future

Berlin, Germany: When geo IT experts from the worlds of business and science sat down together at a roundtable for INTERGEO and got talking,...

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Dr Johannes Riegl

40 Years of disruptive innovation in 3D

It takes persistence to be a scientist with stellar academic records. It takes divergent thinking to be a disruptive innovator. It takes confidence...
Manal Rachdi’s proposed “City Sand Tower” to sustain a new population in the Moroccan desert

How satellites are rebooting building design

Today’s electromagnetic and earth observation systems are propelling a future-habitats’ design movement that could be named Astrospatial Architecture.  Spaceship Earth is back on the...
Highly advanced satellite systems

Geospatial innovations have blurred differences between reality and science-fiction, says MDA CEO Howard Lance

Space has once again become the “new frontier” with capabilities such as in-orbit satellite servicing and in-orbit assembly incessantly challenging the human mind....

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