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Geospatial Webinar: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Geospatial – 101

REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR There is a sudden buzz of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning taking control over human intelligence. For some of you these...
Global Geospatial Industry Outlook

Which country has higher user adoption of geospatial?

User adoption is tricky. Users adopt any product or technology only if it is relevant to them and meets their specific need. Users adopt...



Facebook uses satellite imagery machine learning and AI

How Facebook uses AI, machine learning & satellite imagery to locate...

Facebook uses satellite imagery machine learning and AI to prepare maps for locating unconnected communities across the world. How Facebook uses satellite imagery machine learning...

Machine learning creates living atlas of the planet

Machine learning, combined with satellite imagery and Cloud computing, is enabling understanding of the world and making the food supply chain more efficient. There are...


Trimble announces first quarter results of 2017

US: First quarter 2017 revenue of $613.9 million was up 5 percent as compared to the first quarter of 2016. As previously announced, Trimble...
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