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Gems from the World Bank

GEMS aims to support the democratization of geospatial data collection and analysis, and enhance accountable service delivery in developing countries around the world.

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Special Features

Maps Herodotus

Maps All Through the Ages

From stone age to medieval mercantilism to the upcoming age of AI and automation, mapping and cartography has been at the core of human endeavor and enterprise, fueling innovation and disruption, connectivity and rivalry.



GWF 2022 concludes after three exciting days

Three days of illuminating panel discussions, keynotes, and deliberations at Amsterdam concludes today with the message that the streams of technology and humanity always flow

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Getting Value out of Geospatial Data

In business, much of the data we use has a geospatial element. The reports we write will reference a place, sometimes they will include assets that have defined locations…

Connecting Two Worlds

The general trend of automation in the evolution of human technology has allowed us to do away with the repetitive tasks that humans were forced to perform…

Enhancing LiDAR Performance for Better Data Collection

Today, LiDAR is being used in a variety of applications and as a leading provider of 3D laser scanners, RIEGL is convinced that excellent results can be achieved by combining top quality data with best-in-class software solutions…