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Most asked questions about the way Google Maps uses data

Google Maps is everyday used by over a billion people, and keeping it updated real-time isn’t easy. People get curious about how Google collects...

Forecasting fire using satellite imagery, GIS and Machine Learning

Predicting and forecasting fire, its occurrence and intensity both is crucial not only for safety considerations and preserving loss of property but also in...

Did you know which are the sources for free LiDAR data?

LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is an active remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to...

How the face of LiDAR surveying will change with technological innovations

For more than five decades, LiDAR is being used in land surveying. Earlier surveying used to be conducted mostly using airborne LiDARs as the...

California startup develops WiFi location positioning for myriad sectors

Locix LPS is a full-stack solution for real-time location determination of WiFi-enabled devices such as asset trackers, mobile phones, IoT sensors Locix, founded in 2014...

Use of geospatial AI for business development

When it comes to the relationship between business development and technological innovation, we can generally separate two schools of thought. There are those who...
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digital engineering is transforming construction industry

How digital engineering is transforming construction industry

Digital technologies have transformed entire industries in the last decade, impacting lives on both personal and professional fronts. Companies have had to reinvent themselves...

Book Review: The secret to smart governance

When we talk about a smart city or smart governance, the word ‘smart’ has connotations of the use of the latest technology and innovation....
GIS in crime

Role of GIS and emerging technologies in crime detection and prevention

Incorporation of GIS and other emerging technologies in crime investigation and tracking is making law enforcement agencies more agile and efficient. We all have seen...
Smart design

Driving smart designs and better construction

Woolpert President and CEO Scott Cattran explains how sophisticated geospatial controls, data collection and processing can lead to better construction methods. CAD and GIS can...

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