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Uses of lidar

What are the Top 5 Uses of LiDAR

LiDAR- Light detection and ranging. Though LiDAR is used in a number of applications, we have chosen Top 5 areas where LiDAR plays an important...
five levels of autonomous cars

Did you know what are the five levels of autonomous cars?

The autonomous car market is booming and in the coming years, people are hopeful that they will provide relief from traffic congestion, parking problems...
Environment-friendly drones

How Drones could Help Save the Environment

A research done by an environmental scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory shows that delivery drones can lessen the burden on the environment and...

Universities in space: Seriously higher education

The future of smallsats is bright – and judging by the work that universities and their students are doing, it’s only going to get...
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Geospatial ecosystem will definitely remodel with 4IR – Massimo Comparini, E-GEOS

Space technology and Cloud systems are just the fuel of the transformation engine in geospatial sector. Advanced algorithms (machine learning, deep learning and even artificial intelligence) and...
planet os

Integrating geospatial into workflows – Rainer Sternfeld, Intertrust

Software and Big Data-driven platforms have made geospatial applications available for almost everyone. The best example is the GPS ability included in almost every...

Use of location information will expand with IoT

The commercial world has undergone a revolution in its awareness of the importance of geospatial information in the past dozen years. Google Earth showed...

Geospatial Analytics is bridging the silos across platforms and technologies

Integration of Geospatial and enterprise data is real and it’s happening now. The combination of the two provide better insights, improves business decisions and drives...

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Disruption: A Boon or Bane

Geospatial World Magazine January 2018: Disruption: A Boon or Bane