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Vexcel Imaging Ultracam Mark 3 at Intergeo in Stuttgart, Germany, 2019.

GeoFly obtains two Vexcel Imaging Eagle Mark 3s

Recently, the German photogrammetry company GeoFly purchased two camera systems. With the Vexcel Imaging Eagle Mark 3, they will be able to work more...

UK BIM Framework, Digital Twin Hub and White Paper launched at...

A lot was going on during the two days of the Digital Construction Week in London. Apart from the launch of the UK BIM...
what is openBIM

What is openBIM and why is it important?

Building information modeling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical...

Californian non-profit to monitor emissions from all power plants globally

WattTime, a non-profit organization based in California, uses AI to detect methane and other greenhouse emissions. In the future, it aims to track air...
usen cases of digital twin

What are use cases of Digital Twin?

The concept of Digital Twin is not new. The technology has been in use since 1960s. NASA...
AI for risk assessment

Geospark Analytics deploys AI for risk assessment and effective decision-making

With the help of Machine Learning and AI, the company makes sense of data, identifies what's relevant and what’s not, and provides actionable insights...
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Trimble X7

Scan data in the field made easy

During a 3D laser-scanning project, it is not a common sight to see the land surveyor working on his or her tablet, analyzing near...

The near real time services of KSAT

For more than thirty years Norwegian company KSAT ('Kongsberg Satellite Services') has been running and operating ground stations to receive data from satellites. Their...
digital engineering is transforming construction industry

How digital engineering is transforming construction industry

Digital technologies have transformed entire industries in the last decade, impacting lives on both personal and professional fronts. Companies have had to reinvent themselves...

Book Review: The secret to smart governance

When we talk about a smart city or smart governance, the word ‘smart’ has connotations of the use of the latest technology and innovation....

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