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space technology for SDGs

Asian economies make space technology for SDGs a national priority

Time and again, the importance of geospatial information and technology has been emphasized for achieving the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. 2015 marked the...

GeoWrap: Seminar on Indian Space Program inaugurates; remote sensing to map...

Topcon explores industry practices and workflows at Autodesk University US: At the Autodesk University Las Vegas 2017, Topcon Positioning Group presented an instructional session on “Adding...
MapmyIndia's eLoc addressing system

MapmyIndia to assist in India govt’s e-addressing system

The Indian government has embarked on a mission to put in place an e-enabled address, which when completed, will put us on a par...

Esri-Autodesk partnership: Make Anything, Anywhere with The Science of Where

Global population growth and climate change are driving the global community to search for new tools. With these twin challenges touching every aspect of...

Reckless human activity behind the record-breaking hot years

With just two days left in the closure of COP 23 summit in Bonn, where official level discussions on the agenda of mitigating emission...

Google-UNHCR interactive project shows destruction wrought in Syria

The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) has roped in Google to create an interesting project called Searching for Syria. The interactive and...
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FARO Focus3D X 130

Developing a New Market for Co-Working Spaces with FARO’s Focus3D X 130

While it is a common sight to see people working and studying in a cafe, these public areas are not the most conducive...

Info graph: What are the various applications of Blockchain?

Also Read: The Game Changer of Geospatial Systems — Blockchain
Surveying Instruments And Technology

Book Review: Surveying Instruments And Technology

  One would imagine that a technology like surveying, being so old, would not have been touched by modern technology. Well, such an assumption...

Is the wearable market stagnant? Or just shifting focus

Even though there is some interest amongst consumers to purchase wearable devices in the future, there is a sign of weakness in the...
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