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Remembering the visionary ‘Father of GIS’ on GIS Day

On the occasion of GIS Day, let’s remember the pioneer of GIS, the man who conceived its idea and made it possible. It is said...
GPS trackers

Why are GPS powered wearables gaining popularity?

Easy availability, cost-effectiveness and multiple functions are some of the factors contributing to the increase in sale of these devices globally.  By...

Japanese space firm cleans up space debris to ensure orbital sustainability

Astroscale, founded in 2013, removes orbital debris and wants to secure spaceflight safety and long-term sustainability. The company’s mission is to bring down debris...

Australian startup to launch next-gen smallsats

Gilmour Space, an Australian NewSpace company founded in 2013, in Queensland, is among the pioneers in innovative hybrid propulsion. It is developing advanced capabilities...

Antarctic ice instability to trigger alarming sea-level rise in future

Rise in sea levels, triggered by global warming and melting of polar ice caps, poses a daunting threat to mankind. It is estimated that...
Trimble's office building in Colorado during the construction phase as seen in Trimble Clarity..

Trimble Clarity project reader and viewer in the Cloud

Trimble Clarity is now available as a web-based application that allows you to visualize any geospatial data from point clouds to models and eventually...

NASA Authorization Bill to extend space station till 2030

NASA authorization bill has been introduced in the US Congress by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Along with Senator Cruz, Chairman and Ranking Member...

Top eight disruptive technologies and how they are relevant to geospatial

The fourth industrial revolution and oncoming of the second machine -- as it is being often hailed -- has led to new disruptive technologies...
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How digital engineering is transforming construction industry

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Role of GIS and emerging technologies in crime detection and prevention

Incorporation of GIS and other emerging technologies in crime investigation and tracking is making law enforcement agencies more agile and efficient. We all have seen...
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Driving smart designs and better construction

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