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new products by Planet

These new products by Planet will help you see the world...

To change the world, we need to see it from above where real-time and a good resolution...

Drone industry trends that were witnessed in 2019

The drone industry has witnessed rapid expansion this year, and the use of UAVs is only going to increase in sectors like agriculture, mining,...

Berlin-based startup offers geospatial analytics from multiple sources

Airbus backed startup UP42 offers satellite imagery and geospatial analytics from a wide range of sources, allowing the users to explore different datasets and...
Data sharing for infrastructure safety

A data manifesto to boost infrastructure safety

A new manifesto and report published by the Open Data Institute and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation encourages sharing of engineering data among...
on-orbit satellite servicing

What is on-orbit satellite servicing?

Satellites are heavy pieces of infrastructure, entails huge amount of budget, human resources and time. But, when they run out of fuel or any breakdown comes about in...

Geospatial helps in efficient policing through resource optimization

New Zealand Police has a strength of about 13,000 sworn officers, who cover a lot of ground and effectively manage the law and order...
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Trimble X7

Scan data in the field made easy

During a 3D laser-scanning project, it is not a common sight to see the land surveyor working on his or her tablet, analyzing near...

The near real time services of KSAT

For more than thirty years Norwegian company KSAT ('Kongsberg Satellite Services') has been running and operating ground stations to receive data from satellites. Their...
digital engineering is transforming construction industry

How digital engineering is transforming construction industry

Digital technologies have transformed entire industries in the last decade, impacting lives on both personal and professional fronts. Companies have had to reinvent themselves...

Book Review: The secret to smart governance

When we talk about a smart city or smart governance, the word ‘smart’ has connotations of the use of the latest technology and innovation....

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