Marc Kriz, Strategic Account Leader of National Security Programs, GitLab
Future Technologies

Future of Work Within Intelligence Community will be Remote/Hybrid

Geospatial World caught up with Marc Kriz, Strategic Account Leader of National Security Programs, GitLab, to talk about how the company enabled its customers in making this switch, the future of remote work for the intelligence community, and much more.

Geospatial Data

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Historically cartography does not have a good track record on equity. It’s been dominated by elites that wield great power by deciding what is shown on a map. Janet Ranganathan, Vice President for Research, Data, and Innovation, World Resources Institute (WRI), sees a huge potential for harnessing geospatial data to design, implement and evaluate approaches aimed at tackling structural inequities and address the sustainable development goals.



Change is the Constant

It’s truly my pleasure to have had the opportunity to perform the duties of Guest Editor for this edition of Geospatial World…

The Future of Earth Observation is Wide Open

We are at an exciting point where the industry is being defined and written, which makes it even more enticing for venture capitalists to participate in and for more companies to enter the space.

Can We Say Goodbye to Geospatial AR Now?

Although the hype is over and the technology isn’t ideal, it is too early to dismiss Augmented Reality as it has the potential to change how we communicate and interact with the world around us.

The ‘Why’ of Geospatial Innovation

When we examine trends in innovation, geospatial technology that leverages artificial intelligence, autonomous robots and augmented reality catches most of our collective attention. But widen the lens to the impact of the work we do, and the heart of the ‘why’ becomes vivid — people.