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National Mapping

Measuring Mount Everest

With the help of cutting-edge surveying technology, the Nepal Survey Department measured the height of Sagarmatha, or the Mount Everest, and will soon reveal how high the world’s highest mountain is.

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Sustainable Development

GEMS World Bank

Gems from the World Bank

GEMS aims to support the democratization of geospatial data collection and analysis, and enhance accountable service delivery in developing countries around the world.

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Securing Women’s Land Rights

As an organization focused on advancing land and resources rights for women and marginalized people through innovative technology and services, Cadasta Foundation applauds the global commitment to ramp up progress on equal rights for women and girls. Yet, we need to ask two important questions: what does it look like in practice for women to gain rights to land, property, and inheritance? And what is needed to make this happen?

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Defense & Security


Disaster Response Imagery Ample, but Distribution Still Tough

The Myanmar cyclone and Chinese earthquake disasters demonstrated that the world has plenty of imaging satellites to monitor disasters but is still unable to make imagery and other data easily and widely available to emergency-response teams.

Aerial photographs to map flood damage in Assam

Assam in India is reeling under the most devastating wave of floods in recent years. A special aircraft of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will take high-resolution aerial photographs of Assam