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A place in US which Google Earth didn’t map for eight years

Imagine what if Google doesn’t update the map of a place for almost a decade? It is quite astonishing to think but this has actually happened!

The motherboard has revealed in an article that Google failed to update its satellites image of a military base in Southwestern Nevada for eight years: 2008 to 2016.

Tonopah, the area which wasn’t mapped, is a series of dry lake beds, where testing of military weapons has recently taken place. This area is now recorded as the spot with a longest period of a gap of eight years that wasn’t updated by Google as the company update its information in every 30 days but this time the days have stretched far long.

Motherboard came up with a plan first to solve this mystery by selling the satellite image (which was taken in January, 2013 and was somehow purchased by it) to Google for $1 ensuring that if Google refuse to purchase them than the publication can reach to a certain point that anyhow there is government control playing its role in that particular area of Nevada and restricting google to reveal the area image.

The result matches with the thinking of the publication as they could not sell that image to the search giant which raises many questions.

How Google Earth works

Besides talking about the particular incident it is necessary to know that how google earth plays its role in updating the information taken from satellites. Basically, Google cannot possibly be expected to collect all the data on its own. Here the organization depends on its Base Map Partner Program, which collects the information or images from a number of other credible organizations namely the US Geological Survey, Forest Service, City and State Council and so on. The data collected from different authorities or organization together switch into the comprehensive digital image. In short, Google Earth is a mosaic of tiles assembled from aerial and satellite photos provided by trustable authorities.

Questions that came into light

The Tonopah incident has given birth to many questions, waiting to get their answers from Google. Major questions revolving around this story are-

Firstly, why such a long gap of eight years exists?

Secondly, there are other weapons testing facilities around the US, the images of which gets updated on time then why Tonopah is left behind

Thirdly, was there any restrictions from the government on Google for not revealing the image?

Somehow Google is still trying to escape from answering anything related to the incident.

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