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Geospatial Empowering Tech Transformation

In the field of geospatial, technology is merging with almost everything to empower the processes. Self-driving cars, UAVs, Wearables, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things all use spatial data and maps for a wide variety of purposes and applications.  

Another interesting technology is the AI/ML based geospatial data processing algorithms, whereby the large amount of manual processing that is currently needed for data processing may get significantly reduced in the coming future. We are closely watching this space as it has excellent benefits for us in terms of time and cost savings. 

The evolution of 4G and 5G technologies will make monitoring and surveillance technologies much more accessible. These have a huge potential in the infrastructure and security domains. 

Some maturity is also coming in the UAV technology which is a new platform for survey along with some more regulatory clarity from DGCA. 

Geokno offers a comprehensive range of geospatial solutions including LiDAR, photogrammetric imaging on airborne and ground based platforms. We service multiple segments such as Irrigation, Water resources, Flood management and avoidance, Disaster management, Rail and Roads Infrastructure, Airports, Security etc.  

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