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Customer-first Approach for Higher Growth

Ongoing digitalization is making GNSS surveying readily available for a user, irrespective of whether he is a professional surveyor or not. Technological advancements are enabling customers to carry on surveying themselves and only hire a surveyor in the most
difficult situations. This is beneficial for the surveyors as well, as they have more time to work around new insights and generate more data for analysis.

Customer enablement and being firmly focused on long-term goals over short-term benefits, is one of the keys to thrive in any business. Also, there is a need to continuously invest in R&D and product development because lack of any progress is actually falling back. Companies also need to set new standards and look at releasing its developments to the customers directly. Embracing new technologies, enhancing efficiency, and implementing it for the benefit
of customers is great strategy that should be prioritized. Although there are challenges in
driving innovation, it is the only option to forestall stagnancy and keep the business vibrant.
In 2020, companies should ensure that technological impact on business is largely positive.

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