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Drone solutions for better decision-making

Mughlian Thiru Swamy, CEO, Skylark Drones

Drone data-based solutions offer the ideal temporal and spatial bridge to bring the worksite to decision-makers in near real-time. They can also go one step further to give information layers and management tools to act on the data that is presented to them, thereby reducing the time to understanding, reviewing and making a decision.

The recent push by private and public organizations to digitize not just their workflows but the physical assets around which they operate is a positive development for drone-based solutions. This trend has hastened the adoption of the technologies that bridge the asset ground reality with the management and decision-making processes elsewhere deliver valuable insights that prevent time and cost overruns in every stage of an assets’ lifecycle.

The primary focus of Skylark in R&D is on developing better proprietary algorithms that are developed specifically to model and analyze assets in focus sectors.

Drone-based solutions are crucial for enterprise planning and building and maintaining critical economic assets such as large-scale transport infrastructure, mines, clean energy and farms. They also help streamline the planning process for these sectors with digital twins, reduce management overhead during construction with near-real time monitoring and extend the lifecycle of assets through preventive maintenance.

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