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5G, data revolutionizing drone industry

Florian Seibel, CEO, Quantum Systems

The drone market is benefiting tremendously from technological innovations. 5G is an essential building block for autonomous mobility and the associated networked systems. Thanks to 5G, drones will also be able to open up new fields of application and thus reach the masses.

Huge amount of data that drones generate is useless without a corresponding interpretation, so the key to use data in a sustainable and rewarding way will be the skill to interpret it and generate reliable results that offer a value significantly higher than traditional methods.

Customer data is a company’s most valuable asset, as it can determine whether a company is successful or unsuccessful. A USP of our products is the data sovereignty for the customer, 100% offline mode on request, as well as highest European data security standards. Our own hardware developments enable us to dispense with third party employees and to provide the customer with information at any time.

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