What Role can Drones Play in Smart Cities?


Drones for Good

Ever wondered how a Smart City can be ‘Smarter’. Drones are going to play a crucial role in the development of Smart Cities. The concept of a smart city is based on the integration of ICT and its trends. UAVs are involved in a wide range of applications and functions in smart cities. Drones are easy to deploy, are flexible in performing difficult tasks.

Traffic Management

Traffic is a huge issue for any city, Wasting time and resources of a city. Smart traffic management is key for a smart city. Drones can keep an eye on traffic from the sky.  And guide traffic police at the ground about traffic.

Crowd Management

Efficient safety and security system in a city is a concern for a smart city. UAVs are helping in smart policing. And with the integration of mobile applications, wireless networks, and forensic mapping software, UAVs are helping smart cities be a safe city too.

Smart Transportation

Drones have a huge potential in infrastructure work. It can be used to map sites for a metro project, bus transit or even a bicycle path. Drones offer flexibility, allowing surveyors to map long corridors efficiently