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SpaceX launches first recycled rocket Falcon 9

SpaceX successfully launched its first recycled rocket Falcon 9.

This is for the first time in history where a rocket has been reused. This Falcon 9 rocket was first used in April 2016 for CRS-8 mission. Falcon 9 carried onboard SES-10 telecommunications satellite from Kennedy Space Center.

SES-10 is a commercial communications satellite built by Airbus Defence and Space. The satellite is a geostationary orbital satellite. It will remain in a fixed position orbiting the Earth once delivered by the rocket to its final deployment position.

Falcon 9 rocket took about four months to repurpose for reuse.

The achievement is a key ingredient in SpaceX’s long-term business plan to make rocket launches more affordable and accessible. Next goal of SpaceX is to land and re-launch rocket on the same day.