Home News Wingtra partners with 3DR to offer a complete aerial surveying solution

Wingtra partners with 3DR to offer a complete aerial surveying solution

Switzerland: Wingtra, a Switzerland-based provider of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drones, recently formed a new partnership with 3DR, maker of the Site Scan drone data platform.

According to the company, the combined solution will benefit mining and surveying industries in particular. Under the new collaboration, 3DR will endorse the WingtraOne as the preferred fixed-wing drone for Site Scan.

3DR will sell the Wingtra products through its existing distribution partnerships across North America, Europe and Australia; meanwhile, Wingtra will sell Site Scan globally.

“We’re thrilled to officially partner with Wingtra and make a fixed-wing VTOL drone available to our customer base,” states Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR. “We’re looking forward to deepening this partnership and continue making Site Scan and Wingtra the go-to drone solutions for mining teams across the world.”

Imagery captured with the WingtraOne can be uploaded into Site Scan’s cloud-based Web application, where the imagery can be processed into high-resolution maps and 3D models.

“Our partnership with 3DR lets our customers analyze high-precision aerial data directly in Site Scan – in a lot of cases, without any additional tools,” notes Basil Weibel, founder and chief revenue officer of Wingtra. “Together, WingtraOne and Site Scan make up a complete solution, and we are very excited to offer this bundle to the industry.”