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US$2.05 billion ICT reforms for Australian state

New South Wales, Australia: The government of New South Wales, Australia, is ramping up its ICT reforms agenda—with plans to drag key agencies out of the “dark ages” into 21st century technology and service delivery programs by rolling out GIS based mobile apps, electronic maps, real-time access to open data, and a private government cloud tapping into virtualised and shared services.

NSW’s new 10-year ICT strategy, unveiled by State Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, revitalises the state’s technology and telecommunications activities, at the same time, improving access to public transport, health, education and emergency services.

ICT Strategy 2012 focuses on creating open government, improving access to government data in an open-access environment, fast-tracking investment in cloud and virtualisation technology, and modernising information management programs.
The state is also racing to improve its ICT procurement effort—with better engagement with the industry, including feedback and access to latest technology.
These ICT reforms provide an avenue to better deliver services to residents, while enabling government to be more flexible in the conduct of its business. There are significant opportunities for NSW to deploy new platforms, including cloud-based and virtualised services.

Among planned activities, the state will deliver more real-time information through mobile apps, trip planning tools, and integrated electronic ticketing.
Mobile apps will include “Live Traffic NSW,” bus time-table SMS alerts, NSW Police “Project Eyewatch,” and real-time hospital emergency information.

Disclosure of government information will also be available on-line, and in real-time.
Additionally, the state will offer a single 24/7 government phone number, a “customer-friendly” government web portal, and one-stop shops for access to citizen services.

Source: futuregov.com