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Telstra merges wireless technologies for new location services

Canada: Telstra is looking at leveraging a combination of its Telstra Air Wi-Fi network, Cat M1 support on its LTE network and a new Bluetooth ‘community’ to power a suite of location-based services aimed at both consumers and the enterprises.

The company has detailed its plans ahead of the formal launch of two separate sets of services: Telstra Locator for consumers and SMBs and Track and Monitor for enterprises.

The new offerings will include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE-capable tags intended to help individuals and businesses track items, ranging from keyrings and pets (via tag-equipped collars) through to toolboxes, containers and vehicles.

The first to launch will be a locator-service for phones that will be based on an updated version of Telstra’s 24/7 mobile app. The telco’s post-paid customers will be able to opt-in to the service, which will allow them to locate their handset as well as optionally push a message to the handset that could include directions for returning it.

The opt-in service will also make the customer part of a new “Bluetooth community”, which will help underpin a range of further tag-based location services for consumers and businesses.

The second to launch will be a slightly larger tag equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities intended to be used for bigger and more valuable items such as a work bag.