Home News Pix4D announces Pix4Dfields, a drone-mapping product for agriculture

Pix4D announces Pix4Dfields, a drone-mapping product for agriculture

US: Equipped with a new fast processing that provides accurate and instant results and an easy-to-use interface with tools tailored to agricultural workflows, Pix4Dfields will be set to cover everything from simple to complex scenarios.

It will provide fast and accurate maps while in the field, with a simple yet powerful interface fully dedicated to agriculture. One product for all drone-based agricultural workflows.

Essentially, the idea behind Pix4Dfields comes from two observations:
the need to produce accurate, repeatable measurements of crop health and the need to produce results efficiently and rapidly in the field, while performing more detailed analysis in the office. Both of these factors are essential to support decision making of the farmer, agronomist or the breeder.

Pix4Dfields is currently available as a closed beta, which we are opening to select users to test it and give us feedback. The product will evolve in a fast pace with new and updated features being added with every new iteration.

Pix4Dfields is currently available for macOS only, next iterations will include Windows support as well.

“Our solution fits the needs of the agriculture industry and we believe Pix4Dfields will become a staple tool, just like a meter is for a construction site worker”, said Christoph Strecha, Pix4D CEO