Home News Overwatch Imaging completes series funding with investment from Tenax Aerospace

Overwatch Imaging completes series funding with investment from Tenax Aerospace

USA:  Overwatch Imaging, a leader in airborne imaging systems for both piloted and unmanned aircraft, today announced it has completed a series a funding round to accelerate the company’s growth. The company designs and manufactures imaging systems with custom onboard artificial intelligence (AI) software for large-scale, time-critical civil and special mission applications. Tenax Aerospace, which supports U.S. government, defense and civilian clients with special mission aviation solutions, made a significant investment in the company and was the sole investor in the round.

The funding, which is the first outside investment in the company, will be used to expand production operations into a larger facility in Hood River, Oregon, and to accelerate the ongoing development of the company’s AI software for autonomous imagery collection and analysis. Taran Bakker, president of Tenax Aerospace, will join Overwatch Imaging founders Greg Davis and Nick Anderson on the company’s board.

“Tenax Aerospace has tremendous experience developing and working with sophisticated special mission aircraft for its clients,” said Greg Davis, CEO of Overwatch Imaging. “They understand the missions we support and the value our imaging systems bring to large-scale, time-critical civil and special mission applications.  Their investment reflects the excitement we share about our technology changing the game for many important applications.”

“Overwatch Imaging has developed an exciting new technology that will be very valuable to customers with special missions involving surveillance, mapping or threat detection,” said Taran Bakker, president of Tenax Aerospace. “Greg and his team have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the imaging industry, which they’ve used to create a differentiated product that provides customers with an innovative and cost-effective solution to detection-related problems. Overwatch Imaging is an emerging leader in artificial intelligence and autonomy in airborne imaging and we look forward to our continued work with them.”

Overwatch Imaging conducted a six-month process with potential investors and concluded that Tenax Aerospace was the ideal partner as the company scales up its operations. Among many venture capital and strategic partner candidates, Tenax stood out for its mission focus, industry expertise and commitment to innovation for their clients. “We immediately shared a common vision for the future,” said Davis. “I am excited to have Taran’s expertise and enthusiasm on our board as we grow.”

Imaging Systems Can Be Used Over Land, Sea or Linear Infrastructure

Overwatch imaging systems help organizations quickly find what they are looking for from the air, so they can focus less on the search and more on the best response. Real-time automatic detection and reporting capabilities in the systems make them perfect for large-scale, time-critical civil and special mission applications. Specific uses of Overwatch Imaging systems include automated land surveillance, maritime patrol and search, and linear infrastructure inspection.

In addition to providing immediately actionable intelligence, the company’s imaging systems create long-lasting data products, such as image maps and terrain models, to monitor changes over time. By helping organizations of all kinds move to autonomous aerial detection, Overwatch Imaging helps them improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance safety. 

Overwatch Imaging systems are already being used around the world for a variety of demanding applications including fighting wildfires, searching for small boats at sea, monitoring oilfields for changes, inspecting railroad tracks, identifying irrigation failures in agricultural land and even protecting endangered rhinos.

Systems are Fully Customizable

The proprietary imaging system architecture can be reconfigured quickly, so Overwatch Imaging can efficiently and effectively solve current and emerging challenges in its clients’ application areas.  Overwatch Imaging systems include AI software for autonomous imagery collection and analysis, both of which reduce operator workload and improve mission effectiveness. The state-of-the-art imaging systems also include customized aircraft mounting, so they can be used with a variety of piloted and unmanned aircraft.