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Open Spatial acquires Munsys

Sydney, Australia: Open Spatial announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Munsys product and all associated trademarks and patents.  After the acquisition, Open Spatial will now control the sales and support businesses of Munsys in North America, Africa and Australia.  Munsys in North America and Africa will commence trading under the Open Spatial brand.
Open Spatial is a leading geospatial solutions provider to Water Utilities and Government in the region. The Open Spatial Campus and Utilities Solutions continue to deliver outcome-driven implementations to Australian Infrastructure Asset Managers.
Open Spatial has distributed Munsys in Australia since 2001 and has complemented Munsys with solutions built in Sydney targeted at providing total solutions to its customers. The acquisition of the Munsys product shows commitment to customers that have chosen Munsys over the past ten years.
The company plans to rebrand its products in line with its merged operations and in line with customer and market demands. The Solutions Development Center for the group will be located in Sydney Australia, while Sales and Marketing headquarters will be relocated to the east coast of the United States.
The technologies underlying the Open Spatial Solution are mainstream, risk averse and built for the international market.  A major contributor to the success of Open Spatial is the adherence to Open Standards and global engineering best practices governing the management of geospatial infrastructure asset information. Solutions built on Autodesk 3D graphics and Oracle allows users to implement Open Spatial’s solutions directly on top of existing infrastructure.
Anthony Jahshan, CEO of the group commented, “Our successful merger has provided us with immediate access to markets in North America and Africa.  This further strengthens our service and solutions capability to our existing customers in Australia and the Pacific.
We intend to closely align the business with trusted technology partners in new markets and successfully deliver proven solutions to customers in these regions.  These solutions focus on business outcomes for our customers and tie implementations with immediate returns on investment (ROI).
Our new developments will focus on integrating Building Information Models (BIM) through CAD into Asset Management and GIS.  In addition, preparing customers for advanced network analysis, water loss and leak detection by drawing on live information from multiple sources in the field.”
Source: Open Spatial