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MetaCarta to Geo-Enable BBC

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Dec 09, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — MetaCarta(R), Inc., the provider of geographic search and referencing technology, announced that the BBC will be using MetaCarta Geographic Search and Referencing Platform (MetaCarta GSRP) to enhance their search capabilities for all content accessible at www.bbc.co.uk

“Many current text search engines are unable to find references beyond the location name because geographic language is inherently ambiguous. For example, when you search on the term Chelsea, the results include the Chelsea Football Club, Chelsea, Massachusetts, or Chelsea Building Society,” said John Donnelly, Vice President Worldwide Sales and Field Operations at MetaCarta. “MetaCarta solves this challenge. Our platform can recognize more than 190 million place names in five languages to give the user all the information they seek on a particular location.”

MetaCarta GSRP identifies places and points-of-interest in text documents, news feeds, email, reports, web pages and blogs, and assigns latitude and longitude coordinates so that the content can be searched, retrieved, and visually displayed on a map. Enterprise organizations and public sector agencies are now able to geo-enable all of their content in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, or mixed-language documents so it can be searched and used in location-based applications to help visualize trends, generate new revenue, drive premium services, and enhance intelligence analysis.