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ISRO plans to design semi cryo super heavy rocket to take on Falcon Heavy

ISRO GSLV MKIII can lift four tonnes to higher orbits and about eight tonne loads to lower orbits

India: With the successful test launch of Space X Falcon Heavy, scientists and technology enthusiasts around the globe are jubilant at this milestone. The Falcon Heavy is now the most powerful and heaviest rocket in the world and can lift 64 tons of cargo to near-Earth orbits.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) also envisions developing super-heavy launchers that can carry payloads as heavy as 50 to 60 tons, ISRO Chairman K. Sivan said to The Hindu, after congratulating Space X for a “very great, wonderful, and innovative feat”.

The technology involved in heavy boosters is complex and many supplementing technologies are involved, such as the semi-cryogenic fuel-based propulsion and reusable systems, which are being extensively researched, he further added to The Hindu.

“A super heavy lift vehicle of the future is on the drawing board as part of our R&D. We are doing a lot of preliminary research leading to it. Right now, we are developing a semi-cryogenic engine, which was approved some time back. Next, we must propose [for funding approval] a full semi-cryogenic stage. A lot of work is ahead of us, in this,” K Sivan said.