Indonesia launches open data portal

Indonesia launches open data portal


Open Data Portal of IndonesiaAsia: The Indonesian government has formally launched its open data portal beginning with 700 datasets from 24 agencies.

Currently in beta, the data (dot) id portal has a clean interface with a prominent search bar on the homepage and will later become data (dot) go (dot) id.

The portal features a ‘Community’ section where visitors can suggest open datasets that they would like to see on the portal or subscribe to a mailing list to stay connected with the open data community.

To benefit users without data skills, the portal also offers visualisations made using open data sets.

The portal is part of government’s larger open government movement and aims to integrate all government maps and public service competitions. This and various other open government initiatives are led by the Open Government Indonesia team consisting of representatives from ministries, central government agencies and NGOs.

Source: FutureGov