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GIS company Mapzen to shut down but users can still avail open-source data

Mapzen to shut down but open source data but still be available till February 1

US: Mapzen, a mapping platform company renowned for its open-source, is shutting down.

But for the admirers of the company, there is still a silver lining: as the data and code is available in open source and users will still be able to run the projects they built using Mapzen tools, as well as some of the company’s tools. Until February 1, when the company will shut down its APIs and support, users are free to grab all that they require.

Count Michael Schnuerle, chief data officer of Louisville, is among the ardent Mapzen fans. After hearing the news that Mapzen was shutting down, Schnuerle took a snapshot of data for his city from OpenStreetMaps using Mapzen’s exporter tool, which he said is among the easiest free tools available.

The extraction contains a huge stash of GIS data to help civic hackers, data analysts, citizens, and other users create maps, do research and learn about cities.