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GI_Forum Symposium 2020 invites Call for Papers

GI_Forum symposium 2020 that aims to provide a platform for dialogue among geospatial minds, informing the GeoInformation Society, contributing to a more just, ethical and sustainable society has invited Call for Papers.

Connecting spatially

GeoInformatics is established today as effective methodology, based on georeferenced technologies and has become the standard feature in many application domains. How did this dynamic development towards a key discipline of digitalization happen, not only in the economic sector but in all spheres of our daily lives?
Coordinates serve as key connection among all location-based data and information. Integration by means of ‘spatial joins’ results in new information, thus, providing additional knowledge as basis of decision-making processes for science, economy and our entire society.

Networking on every level

GI_Forum’s characteristic mix of scientific symposium and international networking platform, paired with a German language sister conference, AGIT and its EXPO, makes the GI_Week in Salzburg. The GI_Week is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues and experts in the field; to discuss the latest research in and outside many different sessions; gain hands-on experience in numerous workshops; or start a new project over a cup of coffee or during a walk on the premises of the University of Salzburg’s Faculty of Natural Sciences.
GI_Forum is organized by the Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS, University of Salzburg and in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and runs concurrently with the highly regarded German language conference on Applied Geoinformatics – AGIT. The two symposia share the innovative AGIT EXPO exhibit and stimulating social events.

Call for Papers

You would like to actively shape the GI_Forum program? Choose the format that best fits your needs: a scientific lecture, a hands-on workshop, or a poster presentation – GI_Forum offers a wide variety of possibilities to present yourself.

The Call for Papers is open from October 1, 2019 until February 1, 2020
Check our website for more details and for instructions on how to submit your contribution > http://www.gi-forum.org/call.

Thematic Focus 2020

GI_Forum welcome contributions of the entire GIS realm, bearing in mind different perspectives from various professions and disciplines. Submissions must be in the English language. The review is double-blind. Consult the author information guidelines published at the conference website for further details. Successful manuscripts will be published in the GI_Forum Journal which is now included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
In 2020, following themes will be discussed more thourougly:
– Climate Change
– Education for a digital world; geomedia and remembrance; learning with geomedia; Spatial Citizenship