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Geospatial Media reiterates its commitment to neutrality

Geospatial Media and Communications (GMC) has been pursuing its vision of ‘Making a difference through geospatial knowledge in world economy and society’. While working towards developing high value platforms for demonstrating value of geospatial technology, it has consistently maintained neutrality and has conformed to high ethical standards of serving the larger interest while delivering exclusive services to its customers.

Geospatial World Forum (GWF) is the premium global leadership platform, attended by over 1,000 delegates from 75+ countries. This year’s conference, with the theme ‘Geospatial by Default: Empowering Billions’, seeks to demonstrate the collective value of geospatial information and technology by bringing under one umbrella a unique blend stakeholders of the fraternity, including industry, government, academia, multilateral agencies and the development sector.

Given the global character and relevance of GWF, it generates a lot of interest among partners to host independent programs such as seminars, board meetings, round tables, networking receptions etc. GMC encourages its partners to organize such events, and supports them with logistics and marketing.

While GMC takes utmost care in maintaining its neutrality, it acknowledges an operational flaw wherein a direct communication promoting a side event of a partner was sent to all the registered delegates. “Our intention was only to help share information to benefit the attendees. However, we understand this may have raised concerns among other valued sponsors and partners,” said Sanjay Kumar, CEO, Geospatial Media and Communications.

The said program is being organized by a specific company. Thus, the said communication could be construed as against the spirit of neutrality. “We have taken cognizance of this and are highly apologetic about this operational flaw. I would like to personally take the responsibility and assure our partners of our commitment to neutrality and ethics as we have done in the past,” Kumar added.