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GarudaUAV Expands Service Coverage to the Entire Delhi Region

GarudaUAV has announced the expansion of its operations and maintenance (O&M) services to the whole of Delhi distribution region.

The company now counts Tata Power-DDL, BSES Delhi’s Yamuna Power and Rajdhani Power as its clients for drone-based O&M services. All these distribution companies have deployed GarudaUAV’s drone technology solutions to radically improve their operations to provide reliable and uninterrupted power to Delhi.

GarudaUAV helps the distribution companies to pre-empt faults by conducting drone-based maintenance and repair tasks. GarudaUAV creates thermal maps of and geo-tags various transmission and distribution assets like poles, pylons, overhead wires, grid sub-stations, transformers, switches and capacitors.

Using its AI-powered enterprise drone platform, GarudaUAV helps with timely detection of asset deterioration, corrosion, vegetation encroachment, plinth conditions and wear and tear of various components which, if undetected, could cause power outages.
GarudaUAV is also helping with innovative ways to map, geo-tag and collect evidence against establishments and households engaging in power theft. This new service will help reduce T&D losses owing to power theft.

The distribution companies are already experiencing an improvement in safety and productivity record of their ground operations teams. In that sense, drones have become a force multiplier for these discoms.

GarudaUAV also offers inspection services for land-based and rooftop solar panels. It helps detect hotspots, faulty diodes and helps flag similar maintenance and repair issues.