Home News The EO UrtheCast Smallsats to be built by Surrey Satellite Technology

The EO UrtheCast Smallsats to be built by Surrey Satellite Technology

Urthecast Smallsat

US: The UrtheDaily Constellation, which is slated for launch in 2020, will be capable of providing scientific-grade quality, multi-spectral imagery and high-resolution, which is specifically targeted at geoanalytics applications.

The UrtheDaily spacecraft is based on the SSTL-250 platform and will be built by SSTL at the firm’s facilities in Guildford, UK.  The spacecraft will deliver high-resolution imagery using spectral bands that have been selected to match Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, RapidEye and Deimos-1 bands to ease cross-calibration with trusted references and to minimize the effects of atmospheric variations.

SSTL is a leading supplier of LEO missions to commercial owner operators: the firm’s previous missions include Beijing-1, platforms for the five satellites RapidEye constellation, Deimos-1, exactView-1, KazEOSAT-2, and the 3-satellite TripleSat constellation.

Wade Larson, President and CEO of UrtheCast, said that the two companies have developed a close synergistic relationship and this combined experience and expertise has resulted in a space systems architecture for the UrtheDaily Constellation that will deliver exceptional data quality for a range of geoanalytics products.

Andrew Cawthorne, Director of Earth Observation at SSTL, said the company has worked closely with UrtheCast to develop an imaging system capable of detecting even minor changes on the planet.