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DigitalGlobe develops OpenStreetMap imagery endpoints

USA: DigitalGlobe, now known as Maxer Technologies is developing OpenStreetMap imagery endpoints (from “DigitalGlobe Standard” to “Maxar Standard”; and from “DigitalGlobe Premium” to “Maxar Premium”).

Users of OpenStreetMap would be able to see uniformity in content between the previous and new layers from June 30, 2019, onwards. From July 1, 2019, only two Maxar layers would be available from the OpenStreetMap editor’s i.e. categorized with Beta.

The new imagery services use the http/2 procedure. According to Maxar, “Imagery will be more recent and more frequently updated with our latest Maxar mosaic content. We hope that our improved production processes (bundle block adjustment, atmospheric compensation, continuous updates, etc.) will benefit OSM contributors.”