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Digital Map Products and Black Knight expand strategic relationship

US: Digital Map Products (DMP) and Black Knight, Inc. have expanded their business services agreement for Black Knight to provide a broader range of services and intelligence to the residential and commercial real estate industries. This enhanced service will help global real estate entities expand the accuracy of property-level data collection; mitigate environmental risk in property transactions; and track millions of square feet of development activity.

The recent acquisition of DMP by LightBox adds additional capabilities that further extend into commercial real estate and other markets.

DMP, now part of LightBox, is a leading provider of location technology and data covering North America. Black Knight is a leading provider of integrated software, data and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries that help facilitate and automate many of the business processes across the homeownership life cycle. The expansion of this business relationship comes as the two companies commemorate 10 years of working together to provide full-service solutions to the marketplace.

“We have a firmly entrenched relationship with Black Knight that provides substantial value to each company and its clients,” says Jim Skurzynski, Founder of DMP. “We’re committed to continually creating synergies that benefit the business community, as underscored by the longevity of this relationship and our keen understanding of the value it brings to the marketplace.”

The expanded relationship will focus on enhancing the risk and valuation insights available to Black Knight and its clients as they navigate the real estate decision-making processes. These clients are annually involved in more than $500 billion in commercial real estate transactions in North America along with millions of residential transactions each year.

The expanded relationship between DMP/LightBox and Black Knight has resulted in several key accomplishments to date:

  • The relationship has brought data and analytics solutions to major market segments of our economy. This is driving business process improvements across enterprise and government sectors.
  • A joined ecosystem has produced a series of cooperative data initiatives and platform integrations that are bringing benefits to customers of both firms.
  • An environment where the combination of exacting locations and deep, current, situational insights into property aspects is driving valuation, risk, and transactional assessment decisions.

“In partnership with DMP and now LightBox, we have been quite successful in resolving a number of issues and problems for clients,” said Ben Graboske, President of Black Knight Data & Analytics. “The strength of those successes, and the spirit and collaboration in which they were achieved, gives us every reason to commit to renew and enhance those efforts in the future.”

DMP/LightBox has a strong history of deep partnerships and cooperation with many location data and technology providers, including Black Knight, which has enjoyed a strong tenure as a key DMP/LightBox business partner. These relationships provide both substantial and sustainable value to both parties.

Over 350,000 users rely upon location technology and data from DMP/LightBox, enabling communication to millions of its customers and constituents. The firm updates over 75 million data records every month, delivering the most accurate and timely information possible. In aggregate, customers access the company’s servers via multiple data centers more than 5.0 billion times per month — or 8,680 times per second. Cloud-based solutions from DMP/LightBox help fuel some of the largest and best-known web and mobile applications in the country.