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Cape furthers mission to power the Aerial Enterprise with announcement of major platform updates to enhance Drone Telepresence

CALIF:- Cape, the leading cloud platform for drone telepresence and data management, today announced several major updates to the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform and Cape Cloud, to make the remote teleoperation and integration of commercial drones safer and easier than ever before. The updates expand on existing platform capabilities, providing enhanced real-time aerial visibility to help companies reduce costs, improve safety and operational efficiency, and enable innovation.

Today, organizations across industries ranging from oil and gas and public safety to agriculture, telecom and construction rely on the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform, which removes the limitations of traditional commercial drone technology to unlock the full potential of drone integration. The latest updates are immediately available to Cape customers, and include industry-first capabilities, offering a new layer of aerial insight that was never before possible, including:

Expanded Telepresence 

  • Multi-Cast Live Streaming: Unlike traditional one-to-one drone live streams, this feature enables drone video to be simultaneously viewed remotely and in real-time, on up to 50 authorized web browsers or devices with industry-best low latency.
  • Cape Spectator App: The newly launched app — available in iOS and Android app stores — enables easier on-the-go viewing of drone live streams on mobile devices and includes alerts when drones launch.

Improved Safety & Storage 

  • Custom No-Fly Zones: Users set custom no-fly zones within 3D geofenced areas to make the drones virtually uncrashable for teleoperators.
  • Safe Local Pilot: Safeguards created for teleoperators — including geofences and minimum and maximum altitudes — are now available for onsite drone technicians, allowing them to more confidently pilot the drone, manipulate the camera, capture high-quality still images, and live-stream the footage.
  • Max Speed Control: Gives teleoperators fine tuned control of maximum drone speed, allowing for more precise asset inspection and ease of image capture.
  • Cloud Video Storage: Store live-streamed flight video on the Cape Cloud, available for immediate download following flight completion.
  • Teleoperator Picture Taking: Capture 4K quality photos during flights and store in the Cape Cloud and for immediate download following flight completion.

Enhanced Automation & Payloads 

  • Autopilot to Location: Specify GPS location and allow drones to fly with operator supervision (including override), enabling them to get to scenes more quickly and easily.
  • Smart Flight Timer: Dynamically calculates battery usage to optimize flight time and automate the Return-to-Home function.
  • Dual-Sensor Thermal Support: Visualize both the thermal and visible light spectrums from a single camera, with support of the XT2 FLIR camera. Teleoperators have the ability to switch modes from their computer keypad.
  • Dual-Gimbal Support: With a Matrice 210, teleoperators switch between video feeds from the various gimbals, allowing high zoom and thermal footage to be captured during a single flight.

In addition to the updated capabilities, the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform is now also compatible with the most recent DJI models, including the Phantom 4 Pro V2 and the Mavic Pro 2.

“Real-time aerial intelligence is the most valuable currency for companies today, offering more comprehensive situational awareness enabling faster and more accurate decisions than ever before,” said Rick Pasetto, Cape VP of Engineering. “Just as the smartphone revolutionized the enterprise, drones and the aerial data they unlock will fundamentally change the way we do business. For the last four years, we have been at the forefront of drone integration across industries, and our latest platform update is another big step forward in enabling the aerial enterprise.”

The platform update follows a series of recent announcements from Cape that further its position as the global leader in drone telepresence, including its selection for participation in the UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) in partnership with the city of San Diego, where Cape-enabled drones will be used by the Chula Vista Police Department to support emergency response efforts. Cape was also recently recognized as one of the first companies selected to the “GSMA 100”, a global initiative developed by GSMA to identify and advance the next generation of connectivity and digital services.