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Antarcti.ca CEO Tim Bray joins technology’s elite

The editors of Upside Magazine have selected Tim Bray, CEO of Antarcti.ca Systems Inc., as one of their “Elite 100,” a select group of business leaders deemed the most powerful and influential in North America. Mr. Bray was selected with 12 other CEOs in the Technology category for his hands-on approach of leading his company and creating technology that impacts the way people access information.

Others elected to the list include: Michael Dell of Dell Computer, Larry Ellison of Oracle, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Louis Gerstner Jr. of IBM, Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems. Mr. Bray’s inclusion in the prestigious list brings a newcomer to the technology elite while demonstrating the power of his innovations in changing the way businesses operate and revealing new directions for information access through visual mapping.

As a 20-year veteran of the software industry, Mr. Bray is widely recognized as an expert in the problems of searching and retrieving information from large textual databases. He has an extensive list of innovations and successes that propelled his nomination by Upside. The “Elite 100,” a major feature published annually by Upside, names CEOs from several business sectors, including venture capital, semiconductors, Internet, technology, biotechnology, and telecommunications. Upside is a monthly business and finance magazine providing detailed analysis of the business of technology – the individuals, market trends and venture investments driving advanced technology.