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global warming cities 2050

Interactive map shows how global warming will impact cities by 2050

While increase in global temperatures in the near future is an inevitability predicted by many, Crowther Lab’s interactive map shows how global...

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How is positioning intelligence difference between from location intelligencevideo

How is positioning intelligence different from location intelligence

In an exclusive interview to Geospatial World, Michael Ritter, President, Hexagon Positioning Intelligence, explains the difference between location intelligence and positioning intelligence Read More  
HD maps for smart self-drive carvideo

HD maps video: Why self-driving cars needs HD maps?

For the smooth functioning of autonomous vehicles, machines and robots would have to take decisions on roads. For that, they would require specialized maps...
HD maps for self-driving carsvideo

HD maps video- Understand more on how HD maps power self-driving...

The maps that are particularly built for self-driving purposes are usually called High Definition Maps or HD Maps for short. These maps specifically have...