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GIS-Powered irrigation: the secret ingredient for yummy Thai food

Accurate mapping of geographic and geologic features of farmlands is enabling scientists and farmers to create more effective and efficient farming techniques, leading to...

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Open Source is the foundation of Boundless: Andy Dearingvideo

Open Source is the foundation of Boundless: Andy Dearing

Open source it the foundation of Boundless technologies, says Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless. The organization works heavily with open source solutions built by...

How is ORSAC aiding the development of Odisha

WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE For any development plan, map data play an important role. It provides an insight of entire land and helps to take...

What are the benefits of BIM and GIS assimilation?

WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE BIM and GIS are two critical technologies and together they can bring highly productive outcomes in digital construction. BIM, when integrated...