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Geography & Humanity:
Twain Shall Ever Meet

Topography, demography, and geography affects humanity in multiple ways. As we stand at the crossroads between transition to a new industrial epoch and precluding a climate emergency, the ‘Where’ is more crucial than ever before.

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Jan-Feb 2022

Powered by innovation, the geospatial industry is bucking up for a new era defined by connectivity and convergence.

issues in 2021

November-December 2021

Digital Rise

The transformation of the AEC sector is taking place due to digitalization, which is enabling the use of cutting-edge technology solutions.

September-October 2021

When Virtual is For Real

Geospatial infrastructure lies at the core of digital twins, which can help us make our societies, economies, businesses, and environment better

July-August 2021

Earth Observation: The Growth Story

Over the last few years, technology innovation, and public policies have opened up new application areas for Earth Observation data, leading to new business models and trends, and market expansion. As challenges concerning climate change, disaster prevention, and food security mount for the global population, the demand for Earth Observation will only increase

May-June 2021

Where is The Answer

From supply chain to advertising, emergency services to real estate, several key sectors of the economy are today relying on Location Intelligence for decision-making.

March-April 2021

Geography Matters to NATO

The growing realization about the power of ‘where’ is resulting in geo-intelligence gaining greater significance in the field of defense and security globally.

Jan-Feb 2021

Together we can!

As we step into the future, every stakeholder in the geospatial ecosystem will have a significant role to play in social, economic and environmental recovery.

issues in 2020

Jan-Feb 2020

Future In My Mind

To keep up with fast-paced technology innovation, transforming business models and existential threats such as the global economic uncertainty and geopolitical volatility, geospatial industry leaders of today are increasingly turning proactive and future-oriented.

March-April 2020

Red Alert

The COVID-19 outbreak has caught the entire world by surprise — forcing our global village into self-quarantine. The virus has caused unprecedented disruption and has derailed work processes in almost every field.

May-June 2020

As We Reopen

...democratization of technology and adoption of GeoAI will help us battle the unknown

July-Aug 2020

Road To Recovery

The year 2020 has a lot more to offer for the geospatial industry, especially since it is one of the enabling pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Though the industry as a whole may see a timely recovery, different segments would fare differently.

Sept-Oct 2020

Standing Tall

In these uncertain times, the AEC industry has successfully overcome multifaceted challenges through resilient business models, definite execution plans and digitalization. But there is still a long way to go.

Nov-Dec 2020

Strengthening Nerves and Veins of Our Cities

The management of cities involves the management of utilities, which are essential to keep a city running. Geospatial systems, in convergence with modern ICT, can help city utilities become efficient and cost-effective.