Earth Observation




NewSpace ecosystem propelling Earth Observation industry

Improvements in launch systems and innovations such as the use of commercial-off-the-shelf technology for space applications are driving down costs, while a diverse range...
earth observation policies

Earth Observation Policies – What is the Way Forward

Satellite earth observation is a global enterprise right from the days of Landsat. However, with rapid privatization of the industry, there are conflicts between...

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What is Active and Passive Remote Sensing?

Watch it on YouTube There are two types of remote sensing technology, active and passive remote sensing. Active sensors emit energy in order to scan objects and...
Greenland is meltingvideo

How fast is Greenland melting

Greenland massive ice sheet melted by a record amount this year Read More
How ISRO lost Vikram Landervideo

How ISRO lost Vikram Lander: Watch the final moments here

When Vikram lander was about 1.3 miles (2.1 kilometers) above the surface, ISRO lost communication with the lander Read More