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Map of the world reorganized based on personality traits

Different countries in the world are known for different civilizational traits and peculiar habits or social and cultural norms that tend to crystallize into the stereotypes associated with them – viz some nationalities are known for being diligent and industrious, while others are characterized as those who cultivate a leisure activity, carefree attitude and relish the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Ever wondered if it could be identified that based on your temperament and disposition, in which country would you acclimatize with ease?

If yes, then JWT has released a unique personality atlas map of the world based on the common personality traits that are perceived to be synonymous with the countries, both by the citizens and the foreigners.

Personality traits map and new continents

personality traits map
Stereotype map of the continents

For creating the map, JWT conducted a survey asking citizens from every country to explain how they perceive others (the Stereotype map) and how they view themselves (the Introspection map), including perceptions related to people, culture and government.

The continents have then been renamed in the map based on the basis of the dominant personality traits of the citizens. Australia, Canada, Finland and France, for example, which are mostly perceived as balanced, stable, liberal and democratic, become a continent called Balancia.

In contrast, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are most known for their high religiosity, so they’ve been clubbed in the continent of Spiritania.

Russia, the UK and the US are mostly deemed by others with the trait of being reserved and arrogant, so they have been assigned the name of Smugville on JWT’s map.

Germany, Hong Kong and Japan constitute the continent Uniformany, because they are perceived as hard-working, skilled, disciplined and orderly. Opposed to this is Funlandia that includes Brazil, Italy and Spain. There is also Chillville, comprised of Mexico and Thailand, two countries known for fun and frolic.

China is the only country whose entire landmass makes up a single continent, which is called Geniustan because of the perception of creativity and intelligence.

The few other countries, Argentina, Colombia, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa and South Korea, have no distinguishing personality characteristics and hence they are cobbled together in the continent of Vanillia.

Waterways on the map include the Cultural Sea, the Silicontic Sea and the Shrewd Channel, among others, and surround the countries most associated with those traits.

personality traits map
Introspection Map

One very interesting fact revealed by the map is that global perceptions are seldom the same as local ones. Simply speaking, how citizens of a certain country view themselves may be quite different from the way in which other cultures view them.

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This map is important in not only highlighting the common stereotypes about countries but also dispelling them and showing the chasm between perception and reality, or the palpable differences in observations.