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Travel Risk Map 2019 shows the level of safety in countries

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SOS International, in collaboration with Control Risks, has released Travel Risk Map 2019

The map shows the level of danger in each country based on the current threat of political violence (including terrorism, unrest, politically motivated unrest and war), social tensions (including sectarian, communal and ethnic violence) and violent crimes and minor offenses. Factors such as the reliability of transport infrastructure, the state of production relations, the effectiveness of security services and emergency services, and the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters are also taken into account.

The map lists five risk categories: Insignificant, low, medium, high, and extreme.

Insignificant Travel Risk:

Color green in map shows the insignificant travel risk countries. These are those countries which have an effective emergency as well as transport services. The number of violent crimes are also very low. Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Finland are among some countries who have make their way into this category.

Low Travel Risk:

Low Travel Risk category consists of those countries where there is still low rate of violent crime and they also have efficient transport as well as emergency services. Terrorist threats are also very rare in these countries. UK, Iran, Georgia and the UAE fall in this list with yellow color as shown in map.

Medium Travel Risk:

The orange color in map reveal those countries which have medium amount of travel risk. Political unrest and violent protests are higher in this zone as compare with other two categories stated above. Also the capacity of security and emergency services and infrastructure may change from place to place. India and Major Parts of Russia and Brazil have found their places in this category.

High Travel Risk:

High travel risk is indicated with red color in the map. Those countries where Communal and racial violence is common and foreigners may be directly targeted are being put in this bracket. The infrastructure and transport services are also much inadequate in these areas. Pakistan and parts of Eastern Nigeria and Egypt are deemed high risk.

Extreme Travel Risk:

As the name indicates the highest level of political violence, social unrest including sectarian, communal and ethnic violence occurred in this category . Also, government and transport services are barely functional and maximum amount of threat to foreigners lies here. Countries like Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Iraq are some of the countries with the dark brown color shown in the map.

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