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Unleashing power of survey control with Trimble TSC7

Trimble TSC7

Trimble TSC7 Controller, which is a field solution for land and civil construction surveyors, is in a league of its own. It has a specialized software that makes it easier for mobile workers to collect and compute data.

Designed on customer feedback, TSC7 has some really powerful enhancements. It supports an interactive, user-friendly tablet experience with a physical keyboard and a seven-inch touchscreen. It also has two cameras — front and rear — that provide the option of video conferencing, capturing HD videos and adding an important context.

Striking features

TSC7 combines the power of a tablet, laptop and survey design in a single device, offering a unique competitive edge to surveyors. Boosted by an Intel Pentium 64-bit quad-core processor, it runs on Windows10 Professional. Its processor makes it easier to process spreadsheet data and run other software. Durability, rugged design, ergonomic form and interchangeable modules make it perfect for all kinds of surveying.

The controller comes with the latest Trimble Access 2018, which has a new UI and powerful graphics capabilities for delivering enhanced workflows. The software has been redesigned with even more intuitive menus and screen navigation to take advantage of the seven-inch touchscreen and computing power. It can also integrate with the Trimble Sync Manager application to facilitate Cloud-based data management between the office and the field. Due to this, surveyors have the liberty to begin downloading preconfigured jobs in field and start surveying.

Redefining surveying

“Today’s surveyors are managers of geospatial intelligence,” says Ron Bisio, Vice-President, Trimble Geospatial. “Data has more depth and complexity than ever before, and surveyors’ reputation depends on transforming that data into valuable, reliable information for their clients. The TSC7 and Access 2018 form the new backbone of our field solutions ecosystem and give our users a leading edge to be data experts,” Bisio adds.

For civil engineering and construction, along with TSC7, Trimble also has two new rover systems: Trimble Siteworks Positioning System for construction surveyors and the Trimble Siteworks Positioning System for supervisors.

“Siteworks gives customers the ability to work with larger, more complex 3D datasets more effectively in the field,” says Scott Crozier, General Manager, Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction Division. “Powerful hardware, intuitive software and the latest advances in site positioning technology from Trimble prepare contractors for the future of 3D construction,” Crozier explains.