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Pan City Solutions: Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

Technology is known to bring in innovations; making us live a smarter life. Smarter people prefer smart things, which can understand their needs and act on its own. To meet the expectations of the new generation, intangible things are also rejuvenating themselves. We now prefer to live in cities where almost everything is automated, a city which is so well connected that things happen seamlessly. This is the vision the entire world is following. With the Smart City Initiative, many cities are taking concrete steps towards creating happier and smarter communities living within. Few have paved way into our lives and few we await to witness.

A smart city is a digital revolution where different domains of the city are connected and correlated using different technology modules to provide best services to its citizens and is primarily driven by data. When data generated from each and every department of a city is collected and co-related then optimum decision on allocation of resources and effectiveness of pre-existing services can be taken smoothly.

Smart solutions for smart city
Smart solutions for smart city

But the question is how to do this?  How can data from different networks be fused together?

The answer to this is Pan City Solution which allows data collection from the different domain using sensors, networks and communication. It is all about building smart solutions like

–      Smart parking

–      Smart health management

–      Smart waste management

–      Smart mobility

–      Smart traffic management etc.

Application of Pan City solution involves use of technology, information and data to improve the quality of infrastructure and services — where utilities can talk to each other can take decisions for them and also for better governance.

Smart Solutions are based on IoT where all the utilities talk to each and take decision for themselves
Smart Solutions are based on IoT where all the utilities talk to each and take decision for themselves

It is all about building solutions with sensor network which connects different domains of a city like traffic, utilities, finance, tax collection, etc. at one command control system where data from everywhere can be connected to affluence lives of its citizens.

Pan city solution is beneficial in numerous ways like:

–      Integrated municipal e-governance, service delivery solution with participative citizen platforms

–      Water supply and management with adequate pressure, quality & quantity, and reduce unaccounted for water losses

–      Health management system with emergency response system increased information accessibility of medical shops, doctors and hospitals

–      Online platform for accessing information on all educational facilities and increasing digital literacy

–      Increasing the safety of all citizens through smart surveillance system and strengthening emergency response system

–      Integrated transport and smart traffic management solutions with strengthened last mile connectivity

–      Smart grid comprising smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy and energy efficient solutions

–      Tourism promotion and job portal for workers

–      ICT solutions for waste water management and water logging

How does it work?

In Pan City Solution, data from different domains of the city, for example, traffic, utilities, finance, health or waste management is collected at a place which is known as command control system. Once the data is collected it is then amalgamated together to monitor things, improve e-governance, and advance analytics.

Let’s look at an example of smart waste management to understand this in a better way.

A smart solution in waste management monitors the level of garbage in bins with the IoT sensors. When a bin is about to be filled to the brim, an alert is sent to garbage pickup vehicle passing nearby so that it can empty that bin. This would assist city administrators in maintaining the cleanliness of the city

Smart Waste Management system using IoT and GIS technology
Smart Waste Management system using IoT and GIS technology

The best examople is city of Glasgow where city Council has implemented smart public transport systems where daily commuters of public buses get information about the seating availability, current location of the bus, time taken to reach the destination, next location of bus and the density of passengers inside the bus for their ease. This is done with the help of IoT and GPS module