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How MapDash COVID-19 is providing situational awareness in the US

The world right now is going through a challenging time. Countries are fighting hard to stop the spread of the deadly virus and get back to normal. To do this, real-time data is the pre-requisite that can help in quick decision making and then implement those decisions decisively.

To solve this problem Datastory has come up with MapDash COVID-19 Basic that can help governments and businesses to access data by visualizing it on maps which in turn can help them to take quick decisions. This data can help to find hidden patterns and can assist the success of any organization. Using maps, MapDash cure analytic blindspots to help businesses and communities discover unique datastory.

What is MapDash?

MapDash is a web-based dashboard that strategically guides users to get faster and more informed business decisions. It integrates user’s data with contextual marketplace data from a deep well of trusted sources, including local, state, federal, and private data sources.

This innovative platform enables its users to explore and analyze areas of interest, overlay and understand multiple data layers, visualize data previously obscured in spreadsheets, and more. MapDash is a user- friendly interface that allows to easily manage and explore layers of information, providing relevant and helpful perspectives for making business decisions.

Whether you’re immersed in strategic planning or presenting your findings to stakeholders, MapDash contextualizes your data, informs your ideas, and makes your goals more attainable.

How MapDash COVID-19 Basic  Works

On MapDash COVID-19 Basic, data appears as layers on the interactive map, with each one allowing to learn more by simply clicking on it. There are total 16 layers. These layers are:  State and Govern0r resources (Twitter), COVID-19 cases by County, Hospitals and number of beds and ICU facility available, Urgent Care facilities, Pharmacies located in areas, nursing homes, Healthcare provider locations, American Red Cross chapter facilities, Key Retailers that is powered by SafeGraph, information of schools, their closure and reopening status, social vulnerability of County, Social Vulnerability by County Emergency measures by County and state population density. One can easily click on the any area of interest and can access all information about that particular area.

MapDash COVID-19 presenting information about hospitals

MapDash COVID- 19 helps to keep tabs on all locations in the United States. One can see the on-the-ground situational landscape of any location. It also helps to see the most vulnerable location helping governments to take quick actions.

This dashboard also gives news and trends. One can click on any location and can view a localized Twitter feeds that can help to know what new policies are in effect for that location. The map also shows locations of key retailers involved in public-private partnerships during the pandemic like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

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