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Map shows which countries are the biggest threats to peace

biggest threat to peace
Map showing countries that are considered as threats by other countries.

Different countries have a lurking fear that peace and stability of the world is threatened by those countries that either have a long history of armed intervention, warfare, or those that have wobbly regimes and are rife with widespread turbulence, or the countries that are in their neighborhood and with whom they have long-standing rivalries, border disputes and animosity due to social, cultural and historical reasons.

A map has been created by Joe Hammer, based on WIN/Gallup International survey that asked people across the globe that which country is the greatest threat to peace as per them.

The Americans, Canadians, and Brits viewed Iran as the biggest threat to peace. This is not surprising as the US holds Iran responsible for instability and violence in the Middle East and has imposed crippling sanctions and embargo against it in the past.

Regional rivalries were also marked on the map, with Indians viewing Pakistan as the biggest threat and South Koreans viewing their nuclear-powered and isolated northern neighbor as the biggest threat. But surprisingly, for Pakistanis, USA, which has been its ally for many decades, is the biggest threat to peace and not its arch-rival India, as per this survey.

Japanese, Filipinos and Vietnamese view China as the biggest threat to peace, while China views USA as the most daunting threat. Poles view Russia as the biggest threat, while Russians reserve the spot for USA, which seems to be an extension of the cold war era hostility and escalating tensions between USA and Russia after Russian annexation of Crimea.

Vietnam is wary of Chinese quest for regional hegemony and there is a history of colonial occupation and atrocities that have marred the relations between Japan and China.

Among other countries, Bangladeshis think Israel is the biggest threat to peace; Italians think conflict-ridden and volatile Afghanistan is the biggest threat and Afghans think of Pakistan as the biggest threat to world peace, which is on expected lines as Pakistan for years aided, trained and funded insurgent groups that damaged Afghanistan and was the most important sponsor and ally of its rogue Taliban regime that oppressed its own citizens.

Most of the map is still draped with stars and stripes of the American flag as the USA has over 800 military bases overseas in 70 countries and it is entangled in conflicts from Afghanistan to Sudan, and its meddling in many past conflicts has opened a can of worms and further exacerbated the situation.