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Autonomous Robots aid in patrolling and disinfecting COVID-19 hit China

Autonomous robots aided by sensors such as LiDAR and powered by AI are aiding the public safety authorities, health authorities, and businesses in China aiding in the COIVD-19 hit regions.

Police use Robots for patrolling and monitoring

Robots have come to the aid of Shenzhen police in southeastern China, where they are being used both for patrolling and monitoring the citizens for COVID-19 symptoms – according to a Tweet, shared by Velodyne Lidar, Inc.

CRUZR, a Cloud-Based Intelligent Service Robot from UBTECH Robotics, Inc., along with a patrol car version, can be seen deployed in this video from Shenzhen Satellite TV. These robots are helping the police in China fight COVIDー19 by working at toll gates to monitor mask use, body temps with infrared thermometers, and further allowing police to communicate through a speaker to minimize contact with people.

Driverless sweeping vehicles help to keep the city clean

According to One Shenzhen, during Feb 21, 2020, when work resumed in the Qianhai Free Trade Zone, high-tech driverless sweeping vehicles, were used for street cleaning in the Shekou Wanggu Park of China. The park has nearly 500 well-known companies such as Apple, IBM, Nestle, etc.

Driverless sweeping vehicles clean city in China during COVID-19 outbreak
Driverless sweeping vehicles clean city in China during COVID-19 outbreak – Image Credits: One Shenzhen

These driverless sweeping vehicles are from EVA Robot, which provides the self-driving sidewalk cleaning robot for outdoors and a self-driving square cleaning robot for indoors. Further, a modified version of the Neolix driverless service vehicle was deployed for automatic spraying of disinfectants on the roads.

Disinfectant Robots aid in bringing in a new level of epidemic resistance

Further, according to a blog from EVA Robot, indoor disinfectant and scrubbing robots, outdoor disinfection and cleaning robots, and ultraviolet disinfection robots are used to replace humans in cleaning and disinfection operations.

Disinfecting robots working during COVID-19 outbreak in China
Disinfecting robots working during COVID-19 outbreak in China – Image Credits: EVA Robot

According to the blog, a high-level expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission revealed that 75% of ethanol disinfection could effectively destroy the live coronavirus. The indoor disinfection and scrubbing robots and outdoor disinfection and cleaning robots use 75% alcohol as the disinfection method. According to the set route, they automatically, efficiently, and accurately spray, disinfect, and clean the space. Among them, the autonomous mobile sterilization method for the environmental surface and the air makes up for the deficiency of the traditional fixed air sterilizer.

UV disinfection robot from EVA Robot
UV disinfection robot from EVA Robot – Image Credits: EVA Robot

Further, the EVA Robot blog said that the Pneumonitis Diagnosis and Treatment Program for New Coronavirus Infection (Trial Fifth Edition) – issued by the National Health and Health Committee, saw the new coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat. EVA has deployed a UV disinfection robot that can complete comprehensive disinfection of 150 square meters in one hour, which is more than ten times more efficient and effective than conventional manual and fixed disinfection.

Note from the author

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