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Geospatial solutions adding value

Dheeraj Sharma, CEO, GIS Consortium India

Geospatial information is one of the fundamental information sets that are required by almost every sector. Being a technology service and solution provider organization, the digital transformation that is being witnessed across the board has impacted our area of business in a positive sense. It has led to the development of new products and solutions that are cutting edge and help us provide our clients with the state-of-the-art technological innovation.

The advent of drones and 3D Mapping and Modelling are the areas that have added to our existing competence and capabilities. Further, the use of 2D maps as baseline data by various sectors have resulted in development of new solutions and products catering to specific sectors such as property taxation, utilities network management, water supply management where not just geospatial but also integration with new technologies such as IoT, sensors, AI etc., are the new additions as well.

We provide end-to-end geospatial solutions across the value chain from spatial data creation to processing, integration (spatial to spatial and spatial to non-spatial), application and solution development as well as update and maintenance of the geospatial systems that have been deployed. The ability to provide services and solutions across the geospatial value chain make us preferred technology partner as the client gets all the geospatial services, solutions and products streamlined according to their business requirements matching their business workflows.

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