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Digitalization redefining everything

Sunil Mittal, EVP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, CSS Corp

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cognitive Analytics and Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR) have become the buzzwords today. Enterprises need to leverage these technologies to create a sustainable competitive advantage. We are using these technologies to develop cutting-edge geospatial solutions from our innovation labs. Building on our strength in Cloud transformation, Big Data, cognitive technologies and custom application development, we have been able to create a niche differentiation for our geospatial offerings. Our customized solutions enable faster acquisition and accurate location intelligence for enterprises and consumers. With our rich experience and global presence, we are able to work with clients across geographies and help them solve challenges in both evolved and emerging markets.

Tech at core of digitalization 

Technology is indeed at the core of digitalization. Technologies like AI/ML, IoT, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, mobility and automation are enabling enterprises to redefine everything — from business growth to customer experience. In the digital age, the importance of geospatial information across processes has grown multifold. The integration and interaction of geospatial and digital technologies create a complete picture of the real world, thereby creating new solutions, productivity gains and cost benefits. Be it 5G, autonomous driving, smart cities, HD mapping, or field operations, new-age geospatial technologies are pushing the envelope of digital innovation. CSS Corp leverages digital technologies to power its industry-leading geospatial offerings.

CSS Corp is a global geospatial player with a vision to provide innovation, unrivaled customer experience and shared success for overcoming business challenges. We offer geospatial technology services across telecom, navigation and utility domains to acquire and merge high-quality location or spatial data efficiently from multiple sources. Our services allow for simplified spatial data management, geo-analytics, visualization and utilization. We leverage digital technologies like AI/ML, automation and predictive analytics to generate actionable insights from massive datasets and develop highly accurate mapping solutions. Our niche capabilities drive enhanced business efficiencies and create opportunities for our customers. For instance, we enabled one of the global mapping companies to bring improved map features and drive adoption with automated map content extraction and enrichment.

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360-degree approach to innovation

CSS Corp’s 360-degree approach to innovation places us on a par with the speed of disruption, and ahead of our competition. We treat each of our employees as a credible source of ideas that we nourish through formalized intrapreneurial and design thinking programs. The whole system is governed by the apex body, CSS Corp Innovation Labs. Our innovation labs have domain experts that work on selecting, incubating and nurturing viable ideas from the employees.

In the geospatial domain, we have made investments in building digital technology integrated GIS solutions to meet the demands of a disruptive market. We have developed AI/ML-based geospatial solutions to optimize location-based e-commerce and deliver hyper-personalized services. Our automated translation and proactive content refresh solutions enable enterprises with rich location content and provide accurate regional maps to consumers. We continue to invest systematically in ground-breaking solutions that deliver successful business outcomes for our customers.

Staying resilient in face of downturns

In the last few years, we had taken small yet strategic steps in view of the evolving industry landscape. Strong partnerships, differentiated business models and digital investments have positioned CSS Corp as a leader in geospatial services. Today, our efforts in building award-winning solutions and digital reskilling programs are paying off and enabling us to stay resilient in the face of economic headwinds. Business across verticals and services is optimistic. Our bolstered headcount, reskilled workforce and expansion plans are geared to serve the demands of emerging market opportunities. Looking at 2020 and beyond, our innovative and disruptive approach gives us opportunities to deliver more value to clients and help them accelerate their GTM plans. We are looking at significant scale-up in our geospatial services business.

In today’s tech-driven market, location-based intelligence has emerged as a crucial factor for enterprises to improve productivity and efficiencies. Effective geospatial applications and accurate maps enable consumers to search for and reach various services in near real-time, and that creates new revenue opportunities for businesses. Location data is so vital in the app economy that today almost every app asks for permission to access the user’s location. And it has been found that most consumers are open to sharing their data if it is used to offer them customized services. Successful businesses are catering to this need by leveraging Location Intelligence for creating targeted marketing campaigns and delivering real-time personalization to end consumers.  Enterprises can ride out the fluctuations in the economy by using spatial analysis and insights to deepen customer engagements and mindshare. New use cases of geospatial data and analytics are helping enterprises to optimize operations and reduce their costs.

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