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Better data, better outcomes

Adam Benson, CTO, Inpixon

The ability to capture, interpret and contextualize indoor data is pivotal in democratizing indoor location intelligence. In order to make indoor location intelligence widely accessible, it is essential that organizations leverage indoor intelligence to gain insights into how indoor spaces can be used to make smarter decisions and to help keep people and their data safe

Our platform allows organizations to create a comprehensive picture of the devices in their space, and interpret that data through traditional dashboards, or in the highly-intuitive context of a geospatially accurate indoor map of their buildings.

If we can plan better and predict future outcomes through intelligent modelling of empirical data, then the effect will be huge . Take for example how GPS and weather data help shipping organizations manage the supply chain of goods around the world. Similarly, geospatial technology for the indoors will uncover a multitude of indicators that are currently obscure to us. Better data provides better intelligence and better intelligence leads to even better outcomes.