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Product Watch FARO FARO’s powerful high-speed laser scanner Focus 3D X 30 is ideal for a wide range of scanning applications such as architecture, BIM, civil engineering, facility management, forensics and accident reconstruction. The ultra-portable Focus 3D X 30 enables fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of interiors, such as small architectural façades, complex structures, production and supply facili- ties and accident sites. Combining high precision scanning technology with true mobility and ease-of-use, the new device offers reliability, flexibility, and real-time views of recorded data. As the whole range of laser scanners from FARO, the Focus 3D X 30 grants highest safety with a class 1 “eye-safe” laser. High-speed laser scanners for interiors Key Features: → Ultra-portable and high-speed scanner → Real-time views of recorded data available → Choice between short-range Focus 3D X 30 (30 meters), mid-range Focus 3D X 130 and long-range Focus 3D X 330 (330 meters) Luciad Luciad has been leveraging the power of GPUs to provide high performance 2D and 3D visualization in its desktop and server product LuciadLightspeed. Now the compa- ny has brought the same capabilities to the browser with LuciadRIA V2016. LuciadRIA is a pure WebGL, HTML5 and Javascript solution that allows developers to build beautiful 3D geospatial apps in any modern browser. It enables hardware acceler- ation using WebGL technology. High performance visualizations in the browser Key Features: → Support for 3D globes and elevation data with de- tailed terrain visualization → Automatic draping of user imagery and vector data are on the terrain with the same API used for 2D visualization 86 • Geospatial World • January 2016 → Shapes in 3D including points, lines, extruded shapes, etc., → Labeling and dynamic label de-confliction in 3D → 3D Navigation to preview a flight plan or to re-play a recorded flight from the point of view of the pilot → 4D Trajectories visualized and replayed by the thousands