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Industry Outlook As Solutions Become Complex, Collaboration Becomes Imperative R apid changes in product lifecycle are re-shaping the business by heavy competition and low cut off rates. In this evolving scenario, it is neces- sary to keep pace with market trends, and keep innovating and searching for faster and more efficient solutions. Organizations need to understand the sustainable products in their bag. They need to critically analyze the drastic change of demand to maintain their product lifecycle as there is rapid advancement of technology. This shift in demand is natural and expected. As solutions become complex and specialized, the need for implementers and integrators became imperative. Since clients expect end- to-end solutions under one roof, the business ecosystem is developing in a more collaborative environment to fight back the competition. One-size-fits-all philosophy doesn’t work Today we cannot rely on the one-size- fits-all philosophy and custom-make each solution we offer for each individ- ual. As the clientele grows more mature and technologically enlightened, we are expected to churn out high-quality solutions with niche technology at opti- mized cost. For instance, we at ADCC collaborated with domain-specific solution provider for BPAS and RAMS 34 • Geospatial World • January 2016 to compete in the market and enhance our opportunities. We also actively collaborate with industry giants like Esri, Intergraph, Bentley, DigitalGlobe, etc. For overseas business, we collab- orate with local companies to increase our credentials, to reduce cultural and language gap, and to understand the market. I believe there cannot be a standard model for collaboration, we need to follow due diligence and be customer-centric in our approach to build solutions and must mutually fill in the gaps.The trend of sharing infor- mation infrastructure is a positive step toward better business environment. This has enabled specialized solution providers to come together and create precise offerings that are better suited to the client’s needs. Information sharing also plays a crucial role for organizations to execute quick and cost-effective solutions. Governments are coming up with various solutions, such as SDIs, to bring all data on a common platform for them be accessible by dif- ferent organizations. This will reduce the cost of data preparation and also repetition of data creation. The best part about geospatial solutions is that it not just adds value to your offerings, but it also gives us smart tools. Amit Somani Joint Managing Director, ADCC Infocad