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GEOSPATIAL WORLD GIS is the master tech! GIS is the most used technology globally with GNSS and satellite remote sensing closely following in 2 nd and 3 rd positions. Availability of geospatial data, which has been a concern until recently, is no longer an issue world over, thanks to the proliferation of sensors. Middle East and Europe lead globally with higher satisfaction levels in the usability of available data! Here’s an insight into the complete results of Geospatial World Annual Readers’ Survey 2014. GIS 1 # TECHNOLOGY Geospatial World readers identify technologies they frequently use — from traditional technologies like GIS, GNSS, Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography and modern technologies like BIM, 3D, LiDAR, Indoor Positioning, Ground Penetrating Radar and UAVs. Global trends of geospatial tech usage GIS GNSS Satellite remote sensing Aerial photography 3D Data Total Stations Laser scanning, LiDAR BIM Indoor Positioning UAVs / UAS Ground Penetrating Radar Never Ocassionally QUICK TAKE 0 20 In % 10 / Geospatial World / February 2015 40 Frequently 60 80 Occasionally 100 Never 120 Frequently •  GIS is #1 technology, followed by GNSS, Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography globally. •  LiDAR has large penetration followed by BIM. •  Location and surveying driving GNSS usage. •  BIM and 3D are integrating with geospatial in a big way. •  Indoor location is picking up •  Pending regulatory norms in place, UAVs are yet to take-off.