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WorldView-4 will double DigitalGlobe’s capacity to provide 30 Cm imagery : Dr Walter S Scott

In an exclusive interview with GeoBuiz Dr Walter S Scott
Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President, DigitalGlobe talks about WorldView-4 DigitalGlobe offers quality data enabling customers to act with confidence. Once collected, DigitalGlobe makes data available online within next 12-13 minutes. DigitalGlobe is making data available for analytics at extremely large scale leveraging geospatial platform technology. DigitalGlobe expects to launch WorldView-4 by September this year. WorldView-4 will double the amount of 30cm capacity of resolution and positional accuracy. 30cm resolution imagery is the best available in the industry.Resolution and positional accuracy is needed for accuracy. Resolution is essential for being able to know more about the object we are looking at. The positional accuracy is important to find the position of object. DigitalGlobe worked with Amazon Web Services to instantiate access data of DigitalGlobe library from 1999. Placing data in the Amazon cloud means anybody can perform analysis on it. DigitalGlobe has the ability to observe the entire planet with macroscope detail. DigitalGlobe is going to bring value to solve climate change and poverty problems. DigitalGlobe is making data available to support research recently announced with NVIDIA and Equitel. Through the DigitalGlobe foundation, data is available for a wide range of educational purposes. In disaster response DigitalGlobe has made data available in the open. We are here to do business after all and need to monetize on the billions of dollars we have invested in this space. Giving all data away for free is not practical. DigitalGlobe is taking care of undifferentiated geospatial heavy-lifting to lower barriers.In the extreme case we introduce Maps API in partnership with Mapbox. Mapbox enables a developer with two lines of codes to access accurate basemap. It is mistake to say that pixel price is hitting rock-bottom.DigitalGlobe is not seeing commoditization at the high-end for high-resolution global coverage. High-resolution imagery and small satellites are like one plus one equals three.They are complementary to each other.