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What is Location Based Advertising?

Location Based Advertising

Long gone are the days of generic display ads. With the increasing use of smart devices, especially smartphones, location-based advertising or LBA has gained momentum and popularity amongst marketers in leaps and bounds.

A global leader in IT and networking, Cisco predicts that by 2020, there will be 5.5 billion mobile users, representing 70 percent of the global population. This presents a massive opportunity for brands and advertisers to target consumers based on their location data derived directly from their mobile device.

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Imagine you are passing by a mall and you get a message of 40% off on H&M clothes. The probability of you visiting the store becomes much higher than you being at home or some other place.

Imagine you are wandering near Charminar in Hyderabad. Its 1 pm and you are hungry. You get a message on your smartphones about a restaurant nearby which is serving authentic biryani. Chances of you visiting that restaurant is much higher.

Advertising at the right place and real-time is possible now. All this is done while you share your location with the apps in your mobiles.

Consumers, these days, rely on their mobile devices for practically everything and can find what they want at the tap of a button.

It has opened doors to a vast array of opportunities for advertisers to personalize their messages to people based on their current location in real time. Using a person’s location data, advertisers can send different messages to people depending on where they are.

And it’s not limited to the big brands. Google has given the advantage to local business owners by engaging in the most immediate of all audiences, which, many times, aren’t reached at a personal level by huge brands.

Better ad targeting means less time and money wasted on sending your message to people who literally couldn’t care less about it. 

With the amount of data available for marketers, there is no excuse for not targeting your messages.