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Six best Earth images from NASA’s ASTER project

These spectacular images are part of the 3 million images of Earth released by NASA using ASTER. ASTER is a NASA and Japan ministry’s joint project. It has been taking high-resolution images of Earth since 1999.
The images are available at ASTER gallery map. World Economic Forum has chosen six images that raise some intriguing questions. Can you actually see the Great Wall of China from space?
The Great Wall of China
Do you know which side of the border is Brazil and which is Bolivia?
Which famous city is this?
What impact are we having on the environment?
This image of Escondida Cu-Au-Ag open-pit mine highlights the scale of mining operation in Chile.
How quickly are cities growing?
This image of Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, shows the rapid expansion in the capital’s urban area.
What is this astonishing feat of human construction?
The image shows the Oresund Bridge linking Copenhagen, Denmark with Malmo, Sweden.