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Singapore’s smart nation journey


In exclusive interview with GeoBuiz, Tan Boon Khai Chief Executive of Singapore Land Authority explains Singapore’s journey toward smart nation. The Geospatial Technology Innovation Award validates the work we have been doing at Singapore land authority. 3D Mapping is part of Singapore’s smart nation initiative. It pulls together all the critical land data in 3D form. 3D Mapping allow us to better consider and plan Singapore. Singapore is embarking on Smart Nation Initiative. To plan and build Smart Nation we need accurate and detailed data. Singapore‘s Smart Nation initiative will benefit citizens. Singapore has various mechanisms for land administration that allows us to maximize land uses. We are trying to create a model so that our land use is sustainable and reusable. Land administration has an important role in building smart cities. For smart nation initiative we need to have accurate data. Hopefully in future we will be able to extrapolate real time 4D data. Singapore’s journey towards smart nation is ongoing. Journey on sustainable basis will drive long term goal of a smart nation.